If they can see it, they can be it!

When it comes to changing the world, we believe in the power of dynamic role
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Our Products


We have written, designed, illustrated & published two science-themed story books namely ‘Remarkable Women in STEM’ & ‘Incredible Questions of Science’ to nurture children’s curiosity & science capital. Our third book series is a DIY Science Experiment book named Gul Rukhs Science Adventures featuring easy-to-replicate experiments. All three series are ideal for children aged 8+ years.


Transform your space with our Scientist Posters. We has carefully curated a collection of 20 captivating posters featuring remarkable women in STEM. These female scientists have made incredible contributions to the field, conducting groundbreaking research and forging a path to scientific achievement. This poster series celebrates the lives & work of these brilliant women from diverse geographies & cultures.


Looking to express your love for science? Science Fuse brings these eye-catching badges perfect for science enthusiasts, educators, students or anyone with a curious mind. Each badge features unique and intricate designs perfect for you to showcase your passion for science.
Don’t hold back your love for science - let it shine with Science Fuse’s captivating badges.

About US

Science Fuse is a social enterprise working to improve the quality of Science Education in Pakistan. We make Science an exciting experience for children; giving them skills and opportunities to improve their futures. Science Fuse wants to make sure that all children in Pakistan, irrespective of their gender & socioeconomic background, have access to world-class science education.

We curate fun, inspiring and relevant science learning engagements & educational resources. Students, teachers and communities can all benefit from our expertise. We aim to improve scientific literacy and ignite a strong passion for science in children. Furthermore, we also want to nurture their critical-thinking skills and sense of wonder!

Since our humble beginings, we’ve worked closely with 250 schools & organizations working in the educational & social sector in Pakistan. So far, we’ve engaged 45 000 children, provided training & support to 650 teachers & nurtured a community of almost 250 Science Engagers & ambassadors based all across the country.